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Easy and Simple Logistics

Vision and mission

In this decade, to affirm our brands as a Premier Ocean and Airfreight Neutral Service Provider for the Local and Global Forwarding Industry, Airlines and Partners. To serve with a spirit of excellence by continuously enhancing quality level and applying highest industry standards and innovative technologies. In today’s ever changing landscape, our purpose is to equip our customers with real business advantages, providing the flexibility they need to do business now and tomorrow.

What we do differently

Build with business in mind, it is our desire to help our customers carry businesses across the world. Easy and simple, through lean processes - designed to deliver seamless execution and excellent customer service experience. We gain customers’ trust by providing the right solution for each shipment – and that is what we do all day, every day. For us the Customer is not "just a number” - we know you and you know us.

Our commitments

We are committed to invest in: Infrastructure and technology for improving the customers' experience; Expanding the range of easy to access booking and information channels and tools to meet the growing expectations for business mobility; People and knowledge - we believe that committed and knowledgeable people is what makes the difference, a precious assets that turns a spending into an investment.

Service of faith

We maintain a strict policy of neutrality. We strive to ensure confidentiality alongside the entire logistics chain by applying strict suppliers selection process. Suppliers are bind to follow our neutrality policy but moreover we continuously work with them and monitor for conflict of interests. Being B2B service provider we have the clear understanding that the Neutrality is what matters to our customers and we are committed to deliver!